"It's lonely at the top" what does this phrase mean to you?

if I hear that phrase, I imagine a pyramid. at the top sits a king, under him the rich, under them the ordinary, and at the bottom the poor. there is only one king, right? so he only has himself (and the queen) to relate to. it was as if the queen was his only friend...

at least, that's what i think
that you need understanding from people and at the top, not many people can understand your woes and such, cause they don't live your life. In that aspect I suppose it applies to everyone tho. everyone needs people that understand where they are coming from
Usually that is apply to the bosses. Think about why the bosses would be lonely. They have to tell people what to do. Most of the time the employee will run away when they see the bosses.
Not being able to share personal accomplishments with other people who don't understand what it took to get there.
This phrase to me, just goes to show all the people that were stepped on and kicked aside while the one was getting to the top. That's how most people seem to get there.
It applies to top executives of corporation. No one really wants to be their friends and employees keep their distance.
This phrase means to me that because your on top(such as celebrity status) that not everyone could relate to your problems, because everyone thinks your perfect or flawless and believes there's nothing to understand. Thus leading to people not being able to relate to you.

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