"What we call human nature is actually human habit." Agree/Disagree with this quote? Why?

Question:I feel it applies to some things. What do you think?

It depends on what activity, emotion, or thought process you are calling "human nature." If you are calling anything other than laziness, selfishness, ignorance, and ill-will "human nature," then you are referring to "human habit" because humans are born of those characteristics and only through education are humans taught to act, feel, and think otherwise. For example, if you say a person is honest by nature, you are describing a characteristic, which arises out of habit - a repetition of action that becomes character. But if you are saying a person is jealous by nature, then you would be correct because jealousy is an emotion that comes naturally to humans.
Some things, maybe.
But often times it is instinctual or genetic.
A lot of times, yeah, I'd agree with it. We've just been conditioned to believe things are 'nature' when they just aren't so.

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