A wise rider once said it better for a king to be feared or loved?

Question:my question is why choose if you dont have to.

Machievelli said it-it is better for a king (or other ruler, a prince, say, ) to be feared than loved. I didn't read the whole section (It's in "The Prince") But it's one of those things you can see in everyday life-it's the unpredictable people that hold power well, people that are generally feared. Not a nice fact, but it probably has some truth to it.
The writer was Machiavelli. He believed it was actually best for The Prince to be respected, but between fear and love, it would be best if his subjects feared him.

Machiavelli believed that The Prince was often forced to choose in order to hang onto power.
...hhmm a wise rider..?...! I would say Tonto, and not the Lone Ranger, he always asked Tonto his thoughts! so obviously, Tonto was wiser! ...I had no choice but to yanswer!!
Niccolo Machiavelli (who was referring in the quote to any type of ruler, not just a king) said if it comes down to making the choice, it is better to be feared than loved. You're not choosing, the ruler is.

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