"An alien has been implanted inside of you" Who can rephrase this?

Question:"An alien has been implanted inside of you, if you do not remove the alien in 10 seconds, you will become infected."

I need the "An alien has been implanted inside of you" part to be short and sweet. (Do not use the word "infected.")

This is for my WC3 Map: Zerg Infestation.

"You have been impregnated with an alien species"

How's that?
You have been implanted with an alien.
Thank you for telling me. I wondered what that itching and distraction was coming from.
How about "you have a parasite."
an alien is inside you! you have 10 seconds to get it out!
An alien is inside of you...
"Who's yer daddy?"
An alien is inside you!

(Does it matter how it got there?)

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