"When your son gets married, you lose a son forver; when a daughter gets married, she'll still b ur daughter."

Question:Agree, or disagree?

I disagree.

I see it backwards.

Son gets married and it's his home and his wife.

Daughter gets married and she is now in her husbands home.

I'm not trying to sound sexist, it just seems that way.
disagree. It depends on your relationship with their partner.
disagree, My fiance' is a mama's boy who will always be around his mother as to where I hardly speak to mine.
i agree, sort of. daughters tend to stay closer to their families, and sons tend to move across the country for a job.
a son will be your son all your life but a daughter will only be your daughter till she becomes a wife
"your son is your son till he marries a wife. Your daughter's your daughter for the rest of her life." Yes, I do believe it's true somewhat. Girls always seem to stay very close to their families whereas once men have a wife they tend to gravitate more to their "own" family. I hope I'm wrong, though-I have 5 sons!
yes, from what I have personally seen it is true. the sons tend to gravitate toward their wifes family more. I guess because the girls are closer to their family and they insist on seeing them more often, I guess the son (husband) goes along to keep the peace. i dont think its intentional but it does happen
I don't agree, i think a son will always be your son but he'l just have a different women behind him. I think son's can be more dependant on their parents than daughters, from my experience they seem to need their parents approval more than girls do
Disagree. you loose both sons and daughters to marriage to a certain extent but it also gives you a gateway into a different type of relationship with your children. I would imagine it becomes more of a friendship where instead of disciplinarian you become an adviser and confidant since what they go through you have already experienced. and they are now old enough to actually listen.
Disagree completely.
I disagree
A lot of people feel that when a son gets married, you gain a daughter. But yeah, it *does* depend on your relationship with the woman your son marries.

I don't necessarily agree with the statement you typed... It all depends!

Of course this is a generalization, but the truth behind it is what makes it a cliche. It is typical for daughters to keep closer with their mothers throughout their lives, especially when those daughters become mothers themselves.

Son's typically do not keep in as close touch with their parents, especially when they are building their own.

It's normal.
It depends on your father-son relationship. but otherwise i disagree. My brother hates my mother, but he's always here, but my sister, who never wanted to leave, i never get to see.
when my son got married I got the daughter I had always longed for
Nah. They'll both be back when times get tough.
When it's true, it's true. When it's not, it's not.
I don't believe that but, i do think mothers expect that the reason a lot of mothers don't get along with the daughter-in-law.
disagree,sounds like it ok for the girl to get married but not the son,you not right.
I disagree, I feel that when one of your children get married, wheter it is a son or daughter, you didn't lose them, you gained a son-in-law or a daughter-in-law
I agree...
not the case for everyone but in general.
a daughter will be there whenever needed... even if far will be worried about her mother...
a son is yours only till he needs you... once maried, will be on his own way...
I honestly don't know, being the unmarried son of two brothers, of whom my brother is married. I do talk to my parents once a week (now). Whereas I'm not certain how often my brother calls my parents. But even if he were single, I'm not certain he'd call any more often.

As for daughters, I haven't a clue.
Disagree. this is a very stupid question.

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