"sight for soar eyes" What exactly does that mean?

Question:Would that be a compliment? I wasnt sure and I would hate to say it wrong.

Actually it is spelled as "SORE" eyes. It's a complement. When someone said that to you, it means that you were someone that he/she is looking for and seeing you there is a relief. Kinda like saying, "Good thing you're here." or "You're the person I've been waiting for." Literally, its more like his eyes were already sore from looking and you came and made the sore all better.
It means the person's sore eyes feel better because they have seen you. It's a compliment.
This is an idiom cliche that dates from nineteenth century and is still common. It is used in informal contexts. The implication of the phrase is that the person, is such a welcome sight that he or she will bring pleasure to, and so cure, sore eyes.
soar = to fly high in the sky without flapping wings

sore = painful and hurting

Now, the phrase is "Sight for SORE eyes"

The eyes are 'sore' because they have not seen such and such a person for ages. Then the person shows up - therefore the eyes are now not sore. . .

Ergo (Latin = therefore):the person is "a sight for sore eyes."
I think you mean "a sight for SORE eyes." :-) Yes, it's a compliment, and it means you're really happy to see someone, used especially if the speaker has been through something tough, or hasn't seen the other person in some time.
Use it carefully, yet confidently! It is SORE. My eyes are tired and weary.thus they are sore.and now I see you and they are cured.they are well...they are blessed.

Yes, indeed this idiom is intended to be a compliment!
It is a compliment. It means that your good looks are "soothing" to soar eyes.
It can mean either you are really a sharp looker and smart or it can mean you are dumber than an ox. Got to be very careful how and when you use that term.

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