A beautiful slogan for "india".?

A World of Attractive Environment, Amazing Culture and Beautiful People
Don't have a cow man
INDIA loves U
Sare Universe se acha Hindustan Hamara
1)Glory to Mother India
2)Jai Hind
3)Hail to India
4)Keep it up India
5)Bharat Ma thujhé salam
Jai Hind
Welcome to the country of the future of your work station!
PS Don't let the monkeys steal your food in big cities -- no we're serious!
1. Neighbor's envy, owner's pride
2. No country is stronger longer.
3. Once you go to India. You'll never go back
4. Think inside the box.
5. Divided we Fall United we Stand
"Indefinable India"
India: Home For You and Me

India: The New Paradise

India is Nothing, Nothing More to Ask For.
"""Immensly Incredible India"""
India.India. It's the best, better than the rest.
haha sry, theres a girl in my class named that and all the guys go Indiaaa. Indiaaa. She's the best Better than the rest!
"Ek hee jadoo door dristy karee mehnat pakka irada"

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