“Extreme Justice is habitually extreme injustice.”?

what does that mean to you?
It manner justice cannot be extreme... it has to be optimised. Otherwise it may not be justice at adjectives.
i would guess that because we as a society want to maximize punishment to ensure it meets the crime that we often over punish and and in turn create an injustice of sorts.

i of late read a story about a youth who robbed a man for $50 and he got 5-10 years in prison. he have no priors so the article was talking about giving him a too severe punishment. to be precise a long time to go to prison for $50. i dont justify what he did but that is long.
What it mean to me is probably, that what ever I think is right or the best punishment for something could in actuality be the worst thing that would happen to somebody.

(In other words whatever could be the right point could actually be the very wrong thing.)

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