!fly within a vehicle!... a grill wich bobbles my mind?

thrs a fly in the car . nd lets speak car is moving at the speed of 80km/hr. and the fly is not in contact wid the car... but its jus inside the motor... flying.... hw cn a fly, fly as fast as car? y cnt it stick back ... plz answer..
Because the atmosphere molecules inside the car are trapped and moving at the same speed as the car. Therefore the inertia of the molecules and everything within it gradually equalize, with smaller objects equalizing first. Thus, once the fly decides to fly around inside the sports car, he has simply to add or subtract from the inertia he is already carrying. The air is moving at indistinguishable speed relative to the car, so there is nothing pulling him rear legs, much like how you can walk to the front or back of a plane while it is within motion and both directions are relatively equally easy.
it's not fighting air pressure. The window are blocking the air.

The force of the air is hitting the car. but not the fly. Even beside the windows down, the fly is somewhere where the air isn't hitting it. Like up by the windshield.

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