"creativity resources believing that you enjoy greatness"can you explain and impart example for this quote?

I do not believe all creative persons believe that they are have greatness Greatness and creativity are not allied by necessity.

Now, creativity and originality, I would think are automatically linked as one is intrinsically inherent contained by the other. To create a new type of conveyance that can extrapolate the occupant from a traffic jam and float them down ahead of the congestion would whip original thinking because all our traffic ideas come from the status quo.

If we shift back to creativity and greatness, we have a problem because 'greatness' is adulation to be exact bestowed upon a popular figure
because a lot of people honour him /her for being a great ruler, a good novelist, an outstanding athlete, or even being uncommonly sort hearted. It is not something that you claim for your self. These kind of great people, including the creative, are so busy getting on with their over riding passion that they ignore what others think of them.Their greatness is of little consequence to them.
no sorry i couldnt understand it

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