"All human joy are one and the same; All human sorrows are different." - What does this quote niggardly?

What is your opinion of this quote?
Tolstoy made much the same observation: "Happy family are all alike; every unhappy family is forlorn in its own way."

A fairy parable is a long account of troubles, followed by the one line "And they lived happily ever after."

For centuries Dante's "Inferno" have been read, re-read, and quoted. "The Paradiso" is usually begun and never finished.

Every actor would fairly play the villain or the tragic heroine. The--oh so boring--hero is less fun, which is why he is usually a scamp, also. Not one author in a hundred knows how to kind goodness interesting. Source(s): Tolstoy, Leo. Anna Karenina. Constance garnett, translator. Line 1. Downloaded from http://www.gutenberg.org/
I believe it means that people find happy from the same things, which is true, for example: health, people, wealth. Everybody gets happy from these. But everybody get sad for various reasons. Some might guess that one thing is bad, however another might see a silver lining contained by it.

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