"Give a man a fish and you nurture him for a daylight. Teach a man to fish and you nurture him for a lifetime"?

Can someone give me a thorough explanation...thanks 10pts best answer
Give freely and you make dependence
Teach and you create independence

You see a hungry being and you give him food that will feed him in the short run, but if you educate him how to fish (hunt), he will learn how to feed himself over and over. By feed, we be set to that he will be able to do what is necessary to obtain the food he wishes for survival. I could give someone a meal, but that helps for that feast only. If I teach someone how to shop for appropriate foods and teach them how to prepare the food, they will enjoy a skill they can use to prepare their own meals.
It means don't merely create a new development somewhere, make sure that it is SUSTAINABLE nouns. If it wasn't then how would it help? In the same channel, if you give someone a fish, they will eat it and live another day, but if you school them how to fish, they will get the fish, eat it, then acquire another one the next day, and so on and so forth.

Hope it helps!
It means if you make a contribution someone a handout,sure it will help them survive for that day.But if you teach them to do for themselves consequently they can provide for themselves for a lifetime.
It means that if you just supply something to someone, they don't learn anything. If you teach someone how to do something, they can do it for themselves. Its all nearly taking for yourself and doing for yourself. Think of it this way...If your mother did your math homework for you from kindergarten until you graduated, you would graduate highschool no problem. But what would happen the first time you go to balance your check book and didn't know how to add and subtract. If you had only just learned the math you could balance your check book no problem.
this means if you only just give someone something they will survive but if you teach him how to do it then they can do it forever and drill other people.

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