“Better to die standing, than to live on your knees.”?

What does this quote/saying mean?
I think it can be interpreted in various ways, but I personally believe that it means that one should live his/her life beside no man as his master and that one should rather die standing firm in what he believes and desires then to be forced to the will of another. The Koran say that subjugation is worse than death and I believe that this quote is saying just that. What is time bound in chains next to death. Death is eternal but it is releasing. A dutiful example would be the enslavement of Africans. If someone tried to enslave you as was done to Africa, wouldn't you rather be unresponsive? I sure as **** would.
It's better to live a life filled with feeling, taking a stand, having a purpose than to live a life without purpose, one a pushover.

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