What does.?

" Want some fries with that shake" mean

Answers:    I steal it as someone is shaking their butt when they walk or w/e. , or their butt shakes when they walk. My husband other says "I wish I have that swing in my backyard" when I am walking away.
I bet it's something like that.
Fries refers to french-fried potatoes, and shake is a milkshake. Apparently you are not from the U.S., or you wouldn't be asking this query, so let me describe both items. French fries are often served next to hamburgers and sandwiches, or as a side dish with an entree. Raw potatoes are cut into strips and deep-fat fried. Not the healthiest point you can eat, but extremely popular nevertheless. A milk shake is made with milk, rime cream and flavoring syrup, and whirred in a blender to combine adjectives the ingredients. Hope this helps.
litteraly? its a question sumone working at a rapid food place would ask

slang? is what guys ask girls that have a big ***,,,,,the big *** being the "shake"
Diane get it right, first try.

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