What is your favorite quote from Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes?

I just finished reading Nineteen Minutes and I loved it! Now I just have need of some amazing quotes from it, Help me outt.

Answers:    "Something still exists as long as there’s someone around to remember it." (Alex Cormier)

"Everyone thinks you make mistakes when you’re babyish, but I don’t think we make any a smaller amount when we’re grown up." (Alex Cormier)

great book, except i wasn't really satisfied w/ the ending
'I be in your French class, did you know that? I sat contained by the row by the window, second from the back. You other seemed sort of mysterious, and I liked your smile.
I would own liked to be your friend'
- letter from Angela Phlug to Peter

'"I didn't want to be treated approaching him," Josie said, answeing her mother, when what she really meant was, I wasn't brave ample.'
- when her mother asks about the letter Peter have emailed to her

"Here, no one would talk around him as if her were an animal"
- Peter in lock away

'The prosecutor took a step closer. "You never put together a plan, like Peter, to go through the college systematically killing the people who have hurt you the most, did you, Dereck?"
Dereck turned to Peter, so that he could look him square in the eye when he answered. "No," he said. "But sometimes I wish I have."'

'She had nothing not here inside. She'd given it all to her son. And that was the greatest heartbreak of adjectives - no matter how spectacular we want our children to be, no matter how supreme we pretend they are, they are bound to disappoint. As it turns out, kids are more like us than we think: tattered, through and through.'
- Lucy after cashier talks almost her, not knowing who she was.

'But as Peter reached out beside the tampon, he suddenly realized that this was what it looked resembling from the other side, when he was being put through hell.

... "Stop," he said softly, and next he turned around to the next three students waiting in flash to humiliate Dolores. "Just stop already."
- Six Years Before

"I never thought there was any problem," she admit. "I didn't know Peter was upset. I didn't know he wanted to assassinate himself. I didn't know any of those things." She began to cry. "All those families out within, I don't know what to say to them. I wish I could update them that I lost someone, too, I just lost him a long time ago."
- Lacy's conversation with Selena

"Peter be getting ragged on long before he ever showed up at that meeting" she said
- Natalie to Patrick in relation to the GLAAD meeting

"He used to tell relatives I was adopted. That my mother be a crack whore, and that's why my brain was all f*cked up. Sometimes he did it right surrounded by front of me, and when I'd get pissed off and whale on him he'd only laugh and knock me on my a*s and then he'd look subsidise to his friends, as if this was proof of everything he'd been aphorism in the first place"
- Peter about his brother, Joey.

"How come you're acting approaching this? he said
Because when I was nice to you, you thought we were friends.
But we are friends, he replied.
Josie have faced him. You don't get to resolve that, she said."
During work, between Josie and Peter
I can't think of any quotes off-hand, but the book was awesome. Go subsidise and read the conversations Peter and Jordan have. I think that's what moved me the most.
People never really lose hope.

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