7th grade bullies?

Question:just because i got auxillirated to 7th grade everyone teases me im still 11 and my class mates are older than me what should i do

7th graders can be really mean. You are better and smarter than they are.

Try to ignore the bullies. If they get a rise out of you they will continue to bully you. Bullies have low self esteem. The bullies do it because it makes them feel like they are popular.

If you must respond to them say something like, "go pick on someone your own size you big f*in bully." Use your brain and your words to make them feel foolish for teasing you.

Seek out new friends who are smart like you are. There must be some nice kids in your school. The smart kids won't bully you.

Concentrate on your studies. In just a few short years you will be out of school, out of college, earning a good living and those bullies will be be the ones cleaning the toilets in your office. That my dear, is called poetic justice.

Good luck,

The Cat Lady
Beat the sh*t out of their sorry assses.
Give them your lunch money.
they cant touch u they get frikn x pelled kick there *
Revel in the fact that you're smarter than everyone. If they mess with you, tell an adult. Find some friends to walk around with.
oh honey hang out with some "cool kids" and make the bullies look like the idiots, they are the ones who end up cleaning your toilets and fixing your luxury cars 25 years from now.
those low lives!
tell your parents to put u in a catholic/private school
come up with stuff that sounds really profound ...but confusing..
like..age before beauty...etc...
the eagle doesnt catch flies..
I'm sorry to hear that your classmates are being mean. Middle school is the hardest part of going thru school. High school will be much better...the kids are more focused on getting good grades and high GPA's and they seem to let other kids alone. I would try and make a few CLOSE friends that you can walk to the other classes with. Don't be alone in the classroom with any of these bullies. Have a teacher present at all time. You can also have your mom or dad go to the school counslor and report the problems so the counselor can make your teachers aware of what is happening in the classrooms and protect you.
I pray your year goes more smoothly and these bullies lay off.
Good luck in school and learn all you can.

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