After 10th std. Without going for +2, what are the options for a girl in Bhopal in vocational courses ?

for any courses at least eligibility criteria is +2 ..

so if u want to do any courses which u like kindly do up to
+2 because they wll give some grade ...
but my suggestion is to do if possible degree any course
which field u like if u have degree u wll get more options
for ur brighter future.
even i wud also like 2 know its answer .may be u can try fasion designing or some creative classes
Depends on your nature and interests.
If U like fashion etc. go 4
2. Beauticians course, makeup artistry, bridal etc.
3.Massage therapy or Yoga teaching
If U like computers
1. Computer languages like Java, or excel etc.
2.telemarketing, with computers
If U like home economics
1.Cooking speciality foods like Italian , Chinese , Thai
3.Crochet, embroidery
If U like a technical job
1. Sonography technician
2. Xray tech.
3. MRI or CT Scan tech etc.
U could even learn a musical instrument or classical dance, and teach or perform it.
Good Luck!

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