B.tech programs are approved by ugc with aicte nominee in case of deemed universites is govt of india approved

Question:couses are approved by ugc with aicte nominee/mci nominee in case of deemed universites for technical edcation /medical education is recognised

As per guide lines of govt of india aicte/ mci is to maintain technical/ medical education but aicte jurdiscations covers only institutions not universites where as ugc is higher body it is responsible for university education ugc approval is also valid as equvalient to aicte recogination ugc will also give as per aicte norms accompanying its nominee to maintain technical education in case of universites where as mci jurdiscation covers both institutions and universites inside india but when deemed university opens off shore campus in abroad for medical education will obtain ugc approval with mci norms ugc while giving approval accompany mci nominee and that off shore campus should also obtain recogination of host country and indian students under go training in this campus will have under go screening test conducted by mci to be medical practioner in india as per IMC act 1956. there is no need to worry if program is approved by ugc because ugc is higher body of govt of india it is responsible recogination promotion and devloper of university education and it is maintenence. ugc will give recogination to universites only after recomendation of related agencies like aicte/mci/dci etc
Why did you post this in the Special Education section? Does this have something to do with students with disabilities?

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