Ah I cannot remember what I read..I understand but then I forget. I forget what I study... very soon.?

Question:Steps by step learning helps boost your memory power but ...how?

Study in the same environment you will be tested in. If you study at home with the TV on and people talking around you etc., then test in a quiet room with no noise, it will be harder to recall information.

Also, don't study in 1 big chunk. Start early and study for 15 minutes at a time. Make note cards with breif facts on one side and the question on the other. Review the cards 4-5 times a day for 5 minutes by looking at the question and stating the answer. if you don't know the answer, don't guess! Just look at the other side of the card, then place it back in the stack.

Good luck.
I've always heard to study in short periods, take breaks, come back and study more. Don't study too long at one time.
Your retention level is quite low and this really hampers your
ability to remember things that you read or study. Go see an
specialist regarding this matter very soon fot it may affect
your studies and later on your line of work.
Study with a family member or a friend can make it easier.
Writing what you want to remember down helps. The more channels you can use to learn the better it is. You might need to mark and reread the important bits. If you want to remember something sometimes it helps to read it again an hour later, and then again the next day.

I am not sure what step by step learning is.
OK, I think I have an idea about what they mean, but I can not be sure.
I think they mean by breaking a task into small discreet steps they can teach you each step until you remember it.
Then move to the next step. Until you have all the steps in your memory.
When you have all of the steps in your long term memory. Then they can teach you to put them together in order.
When you can remember them in order then you have learned the task.

I have some problems with my short term memory from a brain injury. I am constantly writing. If I forget something it is usually total. I simply do not even remember having ever heard or having seen it before. I make more typos too.

If this is recent maybe you should talk to your doctor about it. It might be a symptom of something else going wrong. You might need to consult a Neuropsychologist who specializes in memory problems.

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