Boarding School Pros and Cons?

Question:I am currently designing an Alternative-style school (in australia). The idea is to provide the "unschooling style" within the classroom. I was wondering whether or not facilities for boarding should be provided for older students (upper high-school). If so, how should it be set-up? I'm thinking of a cottage-style dorm, where students live together sort of like a family. This is if I go with th eboarding idea...

Should I? What do you think?


1. Must have supervisor all the time
2. Must provide meal, and in current situation where there's possibility of anaphylaxis allergy threats are real (last month 2 students in VIC died), can be tricky.
3. Sex activities between students. Some parents may not like it

1. Preferable choice for International or Country students

Sorry, can't think much more... end of the day, so brain abit slow ;)

Hope the others can add more. I like the idea. E-mail me at if you have any queries abt international students in Australia. Good luck :)
I would think that would depend on what you mean by an un-school. If you mean a school where the learning is in other places rather than the class room or if each child is allowed to work at their own pace I would think that the biggest problem with be to be able to provide each student with a meaningful education while at the same time being able to hire the amount of teachers that you would need to be able to provide the different activities or levels that each child would need. You might have a ninth grade child able to do eleventh grade math but still need help with ninth grade language. I'm not sure that the Australian level of education is. You would also have to decide what you mean by alternative school means. Are you opening a school for children who are Learning disabled or for children with behavior issues that makes if difficult if not impossible to stay in a general education class. That in it's self will greatly decide how you will proceed.

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