Building a "How to buy a Sensory Room" webpage. Ideas please.?


I have recently been working with different schools / charities etc on buying and building sensory rooms for children and young adults with all sorts of disabilitys. Working with software called Visual Voice Pro.

I am putting together a "How to buy a sensory room" information webpage for those that might be interested. The main draft is here:

I need to add a LOT more quality information, as you can see it is a bit higgldy pigeldy at the moment.

Does anyone have any suggestions or first hand experience of buying or building a sensory room, and do you have any tips that other people might find interesting? I got most of my info from wikipedia, but I need a more personal touch. I will of course credit any information sources. I'd love to know what people think.


Contact Temple Grandin she would be a great source with her squeeze machine she developed for herself.
My two sons are autistic and have benefited from time spent exploring, seeing, and relaxing in "snoezelen" rooms in their early childhood programs here in Australia.

I congratulate you on your efforts so far to create more community awareness and user-friendliness of the multi-sensory therapy rooms.

I find times spent in the snoezelen (it's a Dutch word) room is a great stress relief for me too. Fibre-optics, glitterballs, music, slideshows, photo galleries - mixture of light and sounds really soothe the soul. Regards, Cathy

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