Annoying Special Ed Students?

Question:I'm there because grades, in a special Ed class, the others are in because they are tards, and i have to sit behind a ugly girl that looks like she is depressed and a loner, and she stares at me EVERY chance she gets when the teacher talks to me she turns and looks at me its SOOOOO annoying i hate it hate it hate it

Albert Einstein, the greatest scientist of all times, was a "special ed' student when he was in school and look what he accomplished. Being in a "special ed" class does not mean that your classmates are "tards", it just means that it just take a little longer for them to learn. If you hate being in this "special ed "class so much than try studying a little harder so you can pull your up grades and get out of this "special ed" class. If this means having to actually place your studies ahead of your playtime, then oh well. Get over it. Otherwise, don't b*tch because chances are you did this to yourself.

Yes, laziness; which sounds like you suffer from greatly, is generally caused by emotion problems. Generally, a lazy person exhibits an emotional disorder known as "low self-esteem." You do suffer from low self-esteem, I see it and so does everyone else on this board, because if this was not the case you would be actually spending this time studying and passing your classes. Yet, instead of studying you are bad mouthing your classmates just to make yourself feel great while in the meantime you keep on FAILING. How much do you want to bet that these "tards" in you class are actually passing their classes? More than you can say.

I'll been there, I know. I also see it in others.
Just try to deal with it i have special ED students in my class and i try to be nice but sometimes ignoring is the way to go. Remember that the don't know better and they expect you to be nice so try your best to be nice!
What do you think the other kids in mainstream classes are saying about you? The same degrading, disrespectful things you are saying about others you shouldn't call people "tards" they didn't ask to be born that way. Since you have so much time to sit in class and bad-talk the other kids you should be doing your best to get better grades to get outta that class instead of complaining about it! GROW UP
Although I do believe this is a fake question, I would say this to you:
If you are there because your grades, maybe is because you are also a "TARD" or just another arrogant punk that believes that the world owes him.
Whatever the case is, you are a very disturbed jerk, and you not only should be in Special Ed., but seeing a counselor or you are going to end up going into "JUVY".
bring her a piece of hard candy every day and she'll stay turned around in her seat.
There are probably other issues surrounding why you are in Special Education. Why are your grades low? Most retarded students pass their special ed classes so why are you failing. Students also are in special ed for emotional problems which brings me to the realization that you must be emotionally disturbed. YOU ARE LABELED SPECIAL NEEDS as well as the girl sitting in front of you. So if she is a tard so are you!
If you are so annoyed, then why don't you just ask to go to a different class? I had to sit next to an ugly girl that looks Special Ed but isn't, but now school is over, but they were gonna put me in a different class if it wasn't so close to the end. Well, try to get better grades. Just try to get moved.
tell her to turn around
try not to focus on her..if you make the grades up they will get you in a better class...then you wont have to see her..the longer it takes to get your grades together the longer you will be unhappy
Obviously you are a product of your enviornment, tisk tisk calling people tards.
Well, if you spent more time on your work and grades and less time criticizing other people and complaining you wouldn't BE in that class. They are NOT "tards" and kids in Special Ed have feelings too, believe it or not. What makes you think that you have the right to call another human being "ugly"? Keep this in mind...most girls that are so-called "ugly" grow up to be some of the most beautiful women you've ever might want to keep your mouth in check. Why don't you try harnessing all that negativity and do something positive and productive?
As the mother of a special needs child I find your question disgusting. Most of the kids in your class our probable no different then you. Even if they our you have no right to speak that way. You seriously need to grow up. It ever occur to you to talk to her she may like you , could be she thinks you would be a good friend. Which obviously you wouldn't. But really there is no way your in special ed for just grades, there are special guidelines. Plus the new law NO Child Left Behind. so quit playing games and grow up.
i seriously doubt you were put in there b/c of grades. SPED students are there because they can't learn well in a regular classroom. You are calling yourself a "tard". And should call yourself a jerk because that's what you are. Grow up!
First of all PLEASE do not use that word again-my son has severe cerebral palsy and is blind and deaf etc... so i know if he was in your class YOU would be staring at HIM. Second of all if you are in special ed classes-get your grades up so you don't have to be in there-if you are'nt labeled as having a disability-your obviously just not trying your best. But if it bothers you that much ask the teacher if you can be moved somewhere else or we will all have to assume you have a crush on this girl. Good Luck.
So your goal is to get OUT of special ed? In that case, you need to find a good attitude. Once your teachers see that you are making progress and meeting your goals, they will consider letting you "graduate" out.

In the meantime, you could be helpful in class, since you are so much smarter than the others. Lots of times, kids in special ed. need a buddy to help them when they don't hear directions, or don't understand how to do something. Being kind to others is the cool thing to do.
If you are in special ed, you are there because of more than just grades, you are there because you have a handicap yourself, probably a learning disability. Maybe your reading or math skills are way below where they should be. But those skills are also low with the other students in your class and that's why all of you are there. Too bad you don't like how the girl looks in front of you. If you think you have the ability to raise your grades, then why don't you do it and remove yourself from the situation?

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