Autism..the children we are failing to provide for.?

Question:The county you live in won't help beyond early preschool and so many parents can't afford to seek outside help. Why is our society failing these children?

I have an autistic son and I have tried everything and nobody would help him. I have contacted everyone and unless I have 200 dollars to take him to a mental institute to get him evaulated then no one will help us. I got him enrolled in Pre-K and he did wonderous but could use one more year and they told me that he had to go to kindergarden whether he was ready or not. I live in florida so not every state is so helpful and willing to help our kids. I wish more people would help our kids cause they did not ask for this disability and they are just more special now, that is the only thing. I wish the new governor would do something to help our kids but I don't see that happening. Florida Does not care about your special kids at all and I have learned that from personal experience.
I do not know what country you are talking about but there is things available for children with autism here in the US for kids through aduldhood. Now with that being said, I do not think it is enough, nor do I think that our Mental health system or our special education system works well for any child in need.

Our special ed system just ends up passing them on because that is how it is set up, they are forced to have the kids in school but they are not forced to teach them so they end up babysitting. And our mental health system just doesnt seem to meet the needs of the individual child, they are all grouped together and that is the treatment.

It is really sad that that is the way that our system works. There have been programs that have tryed to change those systems but in the end it never really changes..
because they can. In MOST public schools ALL over the country, they will NOT help ANY children with learning problems, and will go out of their way to violate federal laws, blame the childs problems on the child and/or parent.

And, there is NO enforcement to make sure the schools follow the laws and do right by these children. Schools KNOW this, they KNOW they will NEVER be held accountable for their wrong doing. So they will continue.
It falls to the parents to make sure that their child is not failed. That's what due process under the IDEA, the law that provides IEPs, is about. Parents need to know the laws, file complaints, and take school districts to due process hearings as needed to ensure their child is receiving a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). It's unfortunate that school districts don't all follow the laws, but it's good that parents are provided the opportunity to protect their and their children's rights.
Becauses no one knows what to do for them.

Everyone wants to "mainstream" them, but they'll never really fit in with other kids. They need their own school where they're safe to practice their social skills, learn what they need to know to be productive adults, and form a cohesive community so that they have a safe environment to socialize in.

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