Am I retarted?

Question:I think i am retarted

yes, you is. You kan't even spel RETARDED rite!
I suggest you speak to a profession therapist.
no you Just want attention
Dude, get live, retarded is spelled R-E-T-A-R-E-D
First of, you shouldn't think of yourself like that. What is the problem? Are you having problems in school?
Mental Retardation - (now known as Intellectual disability) is something very complicated that has to be diagnosed by lots of professionals.
I'll explain it to you, for a person to be considered mentally retarded (intellectually disabled) three things must be true:
1. The person must have an IQ lower than 70.
2. The person must show difficulty in adaptive areas such as:
- Learning how to dress onself, communicating with others, feeding oneself, playing with others, etc.
3. It must be diagnosed during childhood

Intellectual disability is a condition usually identified very early on, when you are child in preschool or maybe 1st grade.

If you are having problems learning something, you should ask your teachers and/or your parents.

Talk to someone (a grown-up you trust) about why you are feeling "retarded."

I hope this information helped you, and I hope you start feeling better about yourself :)
Considering you spelled retarded wrong, I'd say so.
retarded! i guess you are if you cant spell it. well im sorry if you think you are. speak to another adult, its stupid to go to yahoo to ask a question like this
One the word retarded is no longer used it's called a developmental disability. And if you were developmentally delayed than you would know it. My sister was developmentally delayed and she knew it. She knew that it took her longer to learn somethings than most people. She knew that it was harder for her to live on her own than the rest of us. And she knew this from a young age. I don't know how old you are but if you were truly developmentally delayed than I would think that your parents would have you either in a school for students with those issues or at least in a class for children with those issues,

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