Any one here was a special ed high school student and got any type of collehe degree ??

Question:how bad was your special ed ?

YES! With a special ed program in the school district that they attended that ended up being sued and won by me, three of my children have. LDs, CAPD, Bipolar, ADHD, Anxiety Disorders
Is that even possible? Seriously (i'm not trying to be mean)...
I worked with a lot of special ed high school students. I helped several of them get involved with programs at local colleges for special education students, many of which allowed them to take both regular college classes as well as some special courses. Do you have a school counselor or school psychologist you can talk with? I would look into your local junior/community colleges.
im in special ed right now and it is horrible im in 8th grade and i want to be a doctor when i grow up what im in now is adding and subtracting fractions w/ same denominator and im in special ed english and extra reading in high school :(
It depends why you are in special ed for. If you are there for like dyslexia or something like that you could go to college and get a degree. There are reason that someone to be in special ed would prevent you getting in to college. So you should know why and if you could go to college. But if you want to go to college go for it and prove everyone wrong.

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