Anyone an autistic adult?

Question:My son is 4 and autistic. I wonder if he will be able to live alone one day and live a "normal" life on his own? His speech is delayed and he cannot do a lot of things yet. Tell me if you are an autistic adult how you progressed and how you are now? I want to think he will be fine but I want to hear it from a person with autism. Thank you for you imput

Depending on how high functioning he becomes he may or may not. I have a 20 year old son with autism who lives at home. He lacks the skills to live on his own. I have been working with him and have had him in school since he was 3 years old. Your child is 4. Work with him constantly. Make everything he does a learning experience.Best of luck to you.
I am not autistic but I woked in special ed for awhile. It will depend how much he is able to function when he gets older. Some kids will be able to get a job (bagging groceries, for example) and be able to live in a small apartment. Others will never be able to even tie their shoes and will have to go to a "home" because they will be too hard for parents to take care of. I am not sure how long people with autism live exactly but I know they do not live as long as people without it.
oh thats very interesting, well most people say that i am autisitc, i dont think i am. reason being is because i was not born with it, somebody diagnosed me, and i dont know who, nor i dont remember who it was. but yes i am 20. and yet i dont know i am autisitc. i have heard about autism though, if you want your child to be like everybody else, i would put him in a club, called
"Best Buddies" your son can join in, but he is only 4. when he grows older, like in middle school, or high school, he can join, and be more social. at my school, we had that

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