Achitect or nursing ???

Question:which one do you think is better?

i was planning to go for early college im on 10 grade right now .. im thinking which one of these two is the easiest to take .. and make a lot of money...

i really love drawing but i just hate problem solving
. also, nursing has a lots opportunity to get a job easily but i hate needles and blood ..

which do think u that would right for me??


Honey, neither of those fields are easy. I knew architect majors in college who never slept their first year because they were up all night working on projects. It also takes a four-year degree.

An associates in nursing takes two years, but you have to be very good at science. It's tough, and once you graduate you still have to take your nursing boards. Also, nurses don't make a lot of money all over the country, it depends on where you live. Nurses in Florida makes next to nothing, but nurses in California make a lot.

Just play to your strengths and don't worry about money. You'll be a lot happier.
if you cant handle blood or needles, STAY AWAY FROM NURSING. that would be pretty much all you see at work. if you can try to overcome your fears of that, then nursing is a great job
First you will need to overcome your obstacles.Dont run from your problems...face it head on..for someday you will need to know problem solving at some point in your life regardless of your career move.

But my opinion is a achitect.They make more money.Dont always go for the easiest way out. The harder the learning the better you will be at accomplishing your goals!!
First work on your grammer, then pick a career that you have a strong interest in. Dont pick a job just because you think it is easy. You sound like a fool! Wake up before life passes you by.
i would advice nursing . if you are scared of needles and blood, the best way usually is exposing yourself to it to reduce the fear. i have got a friend who is scared of blood and is a nurse... she choose to work at the ER as she wants to be exposed to the fear. good luck. architecture depends if you love maths and design..its up to you as you will be the one working... don't choose something that you may not like in the future... take your time to decide...good luck

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