Anyone know any resources for Speech therapy?

Question:I have a 4 1/2 yr old step son who has a learning disability and need to get him ready for preschool. Anyone know any resources to help me try to teach him to speak normally before going to school?

If he is that delayed then he should;ve been in speech over a year ago. Since he is more than 12 months behind under IDEA the school dsitrict has to offer him services free of charge if you are in the US. If you refuse that the private arena can be very expensive. Easter Seals is a great resource. We just finished 2 yrs of speech for our son through Easter Seals as we werent sure the school district was helping him enough. Our son still gets OT and PT through Easter Seals.

Has he been looked at by a developmental pediatrician? I ask because there could be something more significant than a speech deficit going on here that should be evaluated.
hospitals have them. but they cost money. Insurance may or may not pay. check that out before you sign him up. If this doesn't work then public school has free speech therapy. He will have to wait until Kindergarten, but that's ok. only a few more moths right?
Treat him like a normal child when he goes to grade school he can take speech classes.It's going to be alot easyer on him.
I hate to say it, but you are doing a HUGE disservice to this child! You are not a trained therapist and run the risk of turning him off to any kind of therapy at all if you attempt to tackle his problems on your own.
When he does go to school, he will end up in a special day class rather than a regular classroom because he is so far behind, and the longer you wait to get services, the farther behind he will become.
Why wasn't this boy in preschool at age 3? He would have been (and still is) eligible for Head Start at 3 because he has a disability. At this point, he will need to repeat kindergarten (at least he'll get 2 years of therapy that way).
The father and mother of this boy need to get down to the neighborhood public school and request a speech/language evaluation TODAY. The services are free, and absolutely necessary for this boy to have a fighting chance in school.
It's a good thing I don't know who you are or where you live, because I'd be on the phone to child protective services reporting you all for neglect (as required by law).
Look in the yellow pages on They have listings for speech and language therapists. Sometimes your medical insurance will cover the expense if the doctor orders it.
I must apologize for going off on you. Please report his mother to the court. Thanks for doing what you are to help your stepson; there's no question in my mind that he needs to be with you, not his mother!
You might check the local colleges/universities to see if there are speech therapy majors who are looking to put in time towards their internship. They won't be as expensive as a fully trained speech therapist but they often have a good amount of training to work with your step-son. Maybe they'd be able to come to your home to do this.

I hope this helps.
Best of luck to you.

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