Disciplinary school for disappointingly behave children?

My younger brother has had increasingly desperate behavior. It used to be when he misbehaved he would have remorse. These days he has none. Yesterday he did the unthinkable and punched my mom. We don't know what else to do. We want to transport him to a school of some sort so they can reform his behavior but they adjectives seem expensive. We don't have particularly much excess money to spend. Does anyone know of any behavioral modifying schools with low tuition but a illustrious success rate?

Answers:    Not sure where you are, but if you be in my state, the Department of Education would be working with the Department of Health to see if a residential placement is appropriate for him, at the expense of the state, if your brother have an IEP.

Your brother's parent should be talking to the principal or other school official about who to talk to during the summer, if updated evaluations are mandatory, etc. As a brother, especially if you're underage, the school can't have those conversations anywhere essential you, unless you're with your mom, and she gives her OK for you to tap somebody`s phone.
It should not be the responsiblity of the school to change your brother's behavior but your parents.

Money would be better spent on psychotherapy for your brother rather than a school where on earth they will scream at him and traumatize him.

Try running a search for mental vigour centers in your area that are free or operate on a sliding degree. Getting to the root of your family problems through therapy will be a much better solution than sending your brother to boot military camp.
My brother also has behavior issues. He is young, so we can still put him contained by timeout and such. If he (your brother)is older than 12, he should be sent to a school of that sort. If he is 12 or younger, I would recommend a book calles 123 Magic. It is really helping my mother beside my younger brother's behavior issues.
I live near this facility and know the people who run it, they are incredibly benevolent and will work with you in lingo of affordability:


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