Does anyone know of any moral books written by parents of children next to disabilities?

Not books on how to deal with a child near a disability, but more like..about the experiences, emotion, etc...

Answers:    there are a large number at barnes and nobles and borders---usually within a section such as children with special requirements.

many on autism...

i personally resembling

You will dream new dreams by stanley D Klein phd and Kim Schive

it's a compliation of about 60 stories of children near various disabilities
Road Map to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg is a most wonderful book about children near Down's Syndrome. My brother and sister-in-law were given this book before the birth of my neice. It help them understand and know what was coming, and also help them appreciate the joys and struggles before them.
I know of two. One is something like cerebral palsy and can be found on
The other is about autism and can be found on

Only buy one of the two though as near is a great deal of overlapping content.

hope this helps.
"A Thorn surrounded by My pocket" by Eustacia Cutler on her daughter Dr. Temple Grandin's autism

"Pretending to be normal" by Liane Holliday Willey about her daughter being dx autistic and man dx herself

"Nobody Nowhere" biography by autistic Donna Williams

"Beyond the Wall" by Stephen Shore on his asperger's dx
chiocken soup for the soul: Special Needs..

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