16 year feeble son diagnosed near Aspergers?

My son was diagnosed last week with aspergers i never really notice he has this. He was refereed to USF by our GP to see a Autism Specialist. He diagnosed my son next to aspergers last Monday and wants to start him on a couple of meds and some therapy. My son is everyday as normal can be he has ad equal girlfriend for 4 years. He is in honers class's he has a 4.0 GPA And he has a employment as well and he drives. But since he is diagnosis he has become depressed and easily agitated and have been pushing everyone away. My son and i are close always have be but now i feel like i am mortal pushed away. I am not sure what to do the only thing that he really has trouble next to is sleeping. He wakes up many many times during the dark and even if he takes sleep aids he can not stay down. They want us to buy him a weighted blanket will that help at all? Advice?
there are no meds foe aspergers---don't drug him

reassure him that it doesn't adapt who he is-

don't push any therapies unless he is having a real problem--not only just because he has a diagnosis

many people on the austism spectrumhave sensory processing disorder--

you shoudl own this evaluated by an occupational tehrapist--often snesory input such as teh weighted blanket are calming
Why not consider a second opinion if you are enquiring the diagnosis? You don't mention what brought this about. Did the school recommend that you investigate this?

So you know, there are no medication to treat Aspergers. Perhaps the medications you mention are for other presenting symptoms. Therapy is appropriate for many situations such as depression, anger, social skill development and so on. Maybe your son is demonstrating a entail in this area.

Lastly, consider researching Asperger's online.

The best to you and your son... Source(s): http://www.aspergers.com/
I wouldnt make a contribution him any meds... Why are they saying to give him meds?? For sleep problems?
I would try the weighted blanket. Some kids do sleep better with this. I agree around the sensory side of things.
It is a big thing to be told your dirrerent, its just a label and doesnt translation him, but it would be a shock for him. Give him a little time. I would let him tell who he wishes about it, by himself. He may just want to keep it to himself until hes comfortable and have gotten his head around it. Source(s): Daughter with asd
Don't come to EducationAsk.com with something similar to this. Get the advice of several psychologists and autism spectrum specialists, but don't make decisions roughly your child's life based on responses you get surrounded by some online forum.

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