19. New to EducationAsk.com. Freshman within Community College. Aspergers. Needs direction nifty!?

I have Aspergers and I think I made a huge mistake. I'm going to college when I have be in SPED classes all my life. My tuition according to the tuition calculator is $0 because I am taking 0 credit classes but I don't know if thats accurate. My issue is the tread and the workload. My scholarship covered all of my tuition. It was a private exhibition for SPED kids. Do we have to pay them back if I repeal from my 2 part time classes? My mom has 3 kids with aspergers including me. Teen-young grown. I'm the oldest. I don't want to stress her out more. We are already having money issues. I am supposed to be getting accomadations but we did it late so it's taking a while. Plus I don't have a assignment and I'm waiting to see if I get accepted for SSI. The homework is my main issue. I've never have much homework. My mom doesn't know how to use a computer. I'm serious. The question I really need to know is what should I do? If you need more details please ask. I love my mom and she's trying her hardest but I don't want my family circle to become poor. I'm on meds too. I think they need to be adjusted. Any Help is so appreciated!
We can't help you. You need to articulate to a counselor at your school.
all will be answered in a few hours when you converse with the guidance councilor!

Also, there are special advisers for programs and you will be given a contact next to that office, whatever it is called within your school.


Please don't drop out of college. Get all the support you can from loved ones and resources at the school. Possibly you are just outlook anxious and overwhelmed and it's not that huge a crisis? Tell your counselor all your worries. Let someone know if it's too much, too fast. You can do this and you'd be doing yourself a huge disservice to quit now, especially since you've made it this far. I don't know you but I'm proud of you for completing glorious school, for having aspirations to go to college, and for letting family know your feelings. This stress of going to college is perfectly normal, I choice someone had told me that. When I was in 12th title my anxiety became so bad that I dropped out in November when I be to graduate in May. I have every faith surrounded by the world in you.
Do yourself a HUGE favor and don't drop out of school. Dropping out of college WILL be the biggest mistake of your life. If you drop out, you will NEVER catch your life straight than. I'm not saying that because you having a disability, because I also own multiple disabilities (including a learning disability), but I'm saying it because it is true.

I went to college and was forced to drop out due to family issues. Four years ago, at the age of 35, I got tired of working unconscious end jobs and I went final to school. Naturally, my parents strongly objected but I did not give damn. Finally, at the age of 39, I manage to finish up and I'm receiving jobs offers that would hold never been offered to me prior to earning my Bachelor's Degree.

Instead, talk to your counselor and any instructors that you own. They could arrange a private tutor for you to help you with your studies. Just don't drop out of college because you will eventually end up regretting it. Trust me on this one.

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