Can i verbs to a diffrent academy if im on iep stuff and the other conservatory have iep within?

im on iep and im moving to caro,michigan and be transfered to caro high school and my fiance goes to caro and he say they have iep there so i was wondering if my university stuff will be lost if i transfered up there?
The old academy is suppose to forward all your records to the new college. And, the new school has to save doing your IEP plan immediately when you get there.
tehy shoudln't be--even if they get ;lost inteh mail--you should have a copy to give teh latest school

all public schools enjoy special eductaions ervices--usually tehy use your IEP from your old school to start with and than they write a tentative one for teh new school
No, it will not be lost. IEPs follow you whereever you go & are part of the required verbs of records from one school to another (along with your immunization, grades, etc.). ALL public schools are required to offer & provide IEP services for ALL IEP students living in their districts.

The solitary exception would be if you don't actually live IN their district. If you live in one district, but want to go to a different one, the conservatory doesn't have to accept you. As long as you're living in their district, and you build sure to tell them you have an IEP, you'll be fine. They'll take nurture of the rest.

P.S. The original schools never send the unproved records. They are required to hold their originals at their district anyways, so "losing it in the mail" is never an issue. Source(s): I'm a conservatory psychologist.

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