"Friends" beside an Autistic girl?

Please help me! Keep in mind this whole put somebody through the mill is going to make me sound like the biggest ***** on floor...

Basically a few years ago I found a new group of friends who I really liked, but there be this one girl I found REALLY annoying and I tried to avoid.
The I found out she was autistic, and so people always walk off at me if I ignore her or get annoyed at her.
But the item is, I really don't like her and unfortunately she seems to chew over EVERYONE is her best friend! She hugs me every day [and frankly she smells really bad...] and I hate it, but I get the impression like I can't tell her to piss off because 1. I tolerate my other friends hug me and 2. She's autistic.

She has a reaaallllyyy shrill voice and is always going on about her family unit "problems' which aren't even that bad. She's like a Muslim emo who can't seem to catch the fact that I don't want to talk about how her mum wouldn't agree to her on the internet because she bit her brother!

One thing that really annoys me is that she's diagnosed HERSELF with "depression" and is always going on just about it. This upsets me because my mother suffers from depression and I hate that she can just claim it so... trivialy [if that's a bloody word].

Anyway, I need to find a mode to stop her from bothering me, but unfortunately I can't seem to do it.
I think it may be because of the autism [which I read in the order of for this reason] but she doesn't get subtle hints that I don't like her, like ingoring her when she's complaining or standing away from her and avoiding her hugs.

I tried a smaller number subtle approach once where I completely snapped and told her I didn't want to be her friend, and she got really mad at me and stormed rotten.
...BUT the next day she came posterior and apologised and said I was her best friend, before hugging me. -_-

I honestly don't know how I can put forward to her that I DON'T LIKE HER without doing something really drastic, and individual labelled as a ***** for being mean to the "special" kid.

...Help please?? I can't stand her!
Just tell her that you infer shes nice and all, but you don't think you guys have anything really surrounded by common. And maybe tell your other friends that are friends near her to hint her that you don't liked to be hugged by anyone. I'm sure its hard, in recent times find a way to get around it without hurting the girls ambience.
You need to recognize that something like autism doesn't go away. Her disability is who she is. And yes, maybe you really can't stand her, but again you own to remind yourself that she isn't like other people. There is no way for "special" race like her to make real natural life progress if attitudes like yours remain the same. It isn't just you, it's every "normal" individual who will not accept her. If you would be kinder and spend a day thinking about what it must be resembling for this girl, then maybe your conscience will let you know she wants friends like everyone else.
within are always some people with whom we in recent times can't establish a chemistry, try as we may. there is either some inborn antipathy or maybe some comatose association.

however, being nice to her Just because she's autistic is not doing justice to either of you. since she seem to have such a strong impact on you & you can't seem to get over it, you should try to steer the relationship to a plane of "hi's & hellos" only.
as someone mentioned, it will be tough. you took the pains to learn about autism [this is not something a Mean entity would do] - that should give you some clues as to how to appoach her.
try talking to a special educator or one of your adjectives teachers. see if they can mediate to explain things to her or to sort things out between the 2 of you.
also include your friends since it appears like your entire group is fine with her. verbalize about it rationally without getting worked up - explain your reason, concerns, ... see what they have to say. maybe you can find some adjectives ground? maybe your friends can also chip in to explain to her that you don't like mortal hugged, etc.?
also try explaining your point of view to her again.
and yes, you may have to stop hugging all friends for a while - that will manufacture it easier for her to accept that she is not being singled out.

everybody, including special kids, need Understanding & Acceptance, not Pity & Forced tolerance. that should be the cause of your friendship. if that is not possible, it is better to cut it short before any TRUE damage is done to either person; back it takes its toll !

all the very best.
you are undesirably, in an unenviable situation.
I understand that you don't want to be bothered, but she can't help the reality that she is that way. Think about it, when you told her that you didn't want to be her friend, she didn't understand, so unfolding her again won't help. The best thing you can do is tolerate her, like if she hugs you(as much as it may throbbing you) just allow it and be kind.

When she starts talking, allow a few words, and consequently excuse yourself. Like tell her that you have to go. Be polite though.

As for the depression item, It may get to you because you know what real depression is, but she dose not. Remember that her brain dose not function like yours, so she's not trying to cause offence or be insensitive. Forgive her, and try not to be mean.

Also her 'annoying ' problems may not be so insignificant to her, so be patient when she speaks about them. If your contained by a large group and she starts talking about things you don't want to hear, basically leave.

There is a right or wrong way to do things, so if you don't want to be her friend, just be giving to her and let her continue to consider you one.
she has autism, like you enjoy brown eyes (or whatever you may have) it doesn't mean her personality is a condition of it... if you really enjoy the balls, take some 1:1 time and sit down with her and truly be a mentor...explain what make you uncomfortable (not the things she's doing 'wrong') and be specific but not rude...in fact, write them down, she may swot better with written words as opposed to a verbal meltdown from you...and the certainty that she is social and wants to be friends is entirely not a symptom of autism
I totally understand where you are coming from and I would hate anyone in that position too, but try tolerating her as an act of kindness. She won't be around forever. In the meantime, don't administer her any personal information so she can hunt you down. Try to remain as neutral as possible. Good luck!

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