About selective disabilities?

Is there anyone here who has disabilities that depend on what the subject is? I know there are ancestors who have learning disabilities in standard, but my question is for the selective disabilities, those who are limited in their ability when it comes to certain things, but are very good or fine ample when it comes to a different thing. For example, I had a few performance problems that differed contained by my school years. I am a Biology major, and when I was taking my Physics series, I other did excellent in the labs but in the lecture I have a slow process of learning the stuff while 90% of the class was caling the class easy. And consequently when I was taking Biochemistry, I didn't have a hard time research the lecture part, but the lab really troubled me while a lot of race got either an A or B, and I got a C-. So this is what I be a sign of by selective disability. If anyone has a similar story, please share cause I usually hear of people that any have disabilities in general or no disabilities at adjectives.
getting a C in biochemistry is not indiative of a learning disability---that is still better than most people can do--even those in need a disability

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