A Certified Letter ask?

I have gotten a certified letter twice. They won't say who its from. I be told that I could go to the post office and see who the letter is from and prohibit it, or just ignore the letter. It scare me a bit because they won't say who its from. Any advise?
it is NOT necessarily a legal document--
it coudl be a check..

i live within a homeowners association--tehy have a habit of lsoing our payemnts and than assessing a fine--so i send the check certified

(technically a check is a leagl document--

but anything can be sent certified-a friendly communiqu¨¦, a wedding invitation--

it coudl be something good liek an inheritance from a long lost uncle
Somebody is sending you a legal document. If you discard to sign for the letter and pick it up 3 times, then the post office will distribute the letter back to the sender marked "refused". If this is a litigation issue, refusal can be used against you contained by court. The court will say that you should have known the contents of the dispatch.

Go to the post office, sign for the letter, and then determine what endeavour you should take.

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