Do you regard at hand should be more awareness for dyslexia?

everyone is talking about autism and ADHD/ADD they have it on the communication almost every month
i have never herd anyone talk roughly speaking dyslexia.
its not only a learning disability it can also have uncontrolled consequence's. I remember in primary school i could point out at least 5 kids contained by my class that could have dyslexia
but the only thing teacher cared about was ADHD.
do you deduce there should be more awareness for dyslexia?
Have you been tested?
What is dyslexia and how do you test for it? What can you do about it?

When you can answer those questions for every kid contained by a school with a reading problem, then a great deal of educators will beat a path to your door.

It ain't straightforward. I've studied it for a year, and I couldn't tell you much about the subject. I prefer the archaic term Word Blindness. It is more accurate. Dyslexia is an inability to think through printed language. Chinese people have it, it have nothing to do with phonics!

Dyslexia has permitted implications! Source(s): My site, I tried to do something about the problem. The stuff on the site works for slow-decoders, but it has no appeal to teacher, so they won't touch it for fear of violating regulations.

Sally Shaywitz. Search out her book, overcoming dyslexia.

And yeah, I got an LD or two myself. Crikey.
Defiantly, My sisters dyslexic and gets really upset when she cant complete a piece of work and her teacher will shout at her and tell her she isn't listen and put her into detention, I think they should be more aware of who has it and ALWAYS offer more support to them.
I think equal of dyspraxia but no-one knows what it is. :(

My best friend was dyslexic and we had equal level but she left.(it's a little scarey human being the only one with a learning difficulty surrounded by your form)
I'm going into year 10 and now i'm really scared of being alone and i don't even take in it.

Thankfully the message about dyslexia is starting appear more often, and celebrity etc are more willing to admit they have dyslexia, college teachers need to be aware of the signs of dyslexia, and how to support the student within the classroom.

I struggled through college and eventually left high school at 15, beside out gaining qualifications (I failed dignified school). I could write, but could not read, I learnt to read at the grand old age of 14.

I be diagnosed as being dyslexic the same time as my daughter, she was 9, I be 30. At the time of my daughters diagnosis, very little supports were around for the dyslexic student, and some people still feel it was a "make believe disorder" or that the person be just "lazy", thankfully this is changing.

After research we were dyslexic, I had to find and develop some strategies to support my daughter, while at school, I following used these strategies to return to school myself, and I am now a Youth & Disability support worker, and sessional teacher, next to a special interest in learning disorders, especially dyslexia.

I forgot to mention that I now use impossible to tell apart strategies to support my students in the classroom, and I am often contacted by other teachers for support and information on dyslexia. Source(s): Youth & Disability support worker and educationalist.
within should be more awareness!
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Just kidding.....Here's the original text.
Are you interested contained by dyslexia or attention deficit disorder? The first thing you should know is that these so-called “learning disabilities” are really learning differences. Both dyslexia and ADD are mixes of difficulties and strengths. Some things that society takes for granted resembling reading, spelling, the ability to concentrate are more difficult for us. At the same time, people next to dyslexia or ADD are often unusually creative, innovative and independent.

The Dyslexia Awareness and Resource Center is here to help both students and adults who have dyslexia and ADD, as all right as their parents, teachers and professionals, who work with them. Source(s):
Yes, but there are also so many other difficulties that children hold that don't get any coverage. I wouldn't say that teachers 'cared just about ADHD', to be honest there is little or no training on how to deal with children near any problems/disabilities. It is down to the individual teacher to use their own free time to research these problems, as there certainly isn't ample time during the normal school term to look into them: I in general work Mon - Fri 13 hours per day, plus 1 or 1 and a half weekend days. I also have my own family circle to take care of. Needless to say, any extra time I want to apply to investigating how to best support individual pupils inevitably happens during the longer school holidays. Often, it's a case of waiting to see what students you enjoy in your class, and effectively using them as guinea pigs.

My own teacher training regarding special needs/disabilities/difficulties consisted of a partly day at Uni, giving us website addresses of organisations. I could have found this myself by purely googling the different conditions. This was also combined with dealing with 'Gifted and Talented' pupils. Hardly modest! Needless to say, many children don't get the support or even the diagnosis to start next to. Source(s): Teacher, with interest in special needs. Education dissertation on guideline pupils with Asperger Syndrome in mainstream coaching.

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