Please lend a hand i own a quiz in the order of ADHD?

i have my exam the end of this week and this is something we talked give or take a few but i am still a lil unsure.... so if you could really help me that would be great

ADHD is 3-4 times more common in boys than girls. Do you reflect this is a real difference or one more easily explained by expectations we enjoy for boys and girls when they grow up? what possible differences in socialization between boys and girls might explain why boys display symptoms of ADHD more often?
4. I think the use ADHD is 3 – 4 more common in boys than in girls have to do with part a real difference and also the expectations we hold for boys and girls. Boys are taught to be more rambunctious and play rough and tumble and from birth are expected to be more active than girls. Girls on the other hand are from an hasty age expected to sit still and be lady like. We expect them to play quietly near their dolls. When people think of ADHD they think of the most all right known symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity which theses symptoms are more often exhibited contained by boys. They often forget the other symptoms of ADHD, forgetfulness, being easily distracted, losing or misplacing things, disorganization, researcher underachievement, poor follow-through with assignments or tasks, poor concentration, and poor attention to detail, which these are mostly like seen contained by girls. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was younger, but I be raised to be rough and tumble and I was told I was hyper, so be part of that because I was living up to the label of self hyper. I wonder if no one every told boys and girls how to act, they never saw how boys and girls on tvs acted, would they live to fit the mold of the gender stereotypes.

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