Actually i am a dyslexic and i own get 68% within my boards and i hold other be put down by my parents that i?

wont be successful in life and even my tutor says that man a graduate would be enough for me
I had the exact same "Encouragement" from teachers etc and have lately completed a degree and looking to do a Masters so it is entirely up to you how successful you are!! Don't let anyone put you down. That was my motivation. Some inhabitants are just totally ignorant.

Feel free to email me if you have problems. Source(s): I'm Dyslexic and own other things!
Dyslexia has nothing to do next to intelligence, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Richard Branson, Walt Disney, George Washington, Michael Faraday, Leonardo da Vinci and many other brilliant, clever and successful people are/were dyslexic. Who would dare to call any of these nation stupid today, though no doubt many of them were call so by teachers and maybe even their parents when they were childish.

Thousands of dyslexics are at college and universities. Most dyslexics have to put up with mortal labelled by their peers and even teachers as stupid, lazy or even worse, it must be horrifying for you that your parents also put you down.

They are the stupid ones to not know and see that. My son is dyslexic and even before he was diagnosed and he had the minister to to bring his reading and writing up to the standards of his classmates I knew he was a very bright, intelligent and articulate child.

The best point you can do is to try and ignore all these stupid people and prove them wrong. Take supremacy of all the help that is offered and remember thousands of dyslexics students these days go on to do college and university courses and succeed in their chosen careers.

Good luck. Source(s): Parent of two highly intelligent smart dyslexic grown up children.
Prove them wrong, by excelling at something you are good at.

As for the tutor he/she is not a very flawless tutor as they are supposed to encourage and support you, not put you down.

With the correct supports and strategies put in place dyslexics can achieve much within life.

I did not learn to read until I was 14, despite man able to write quite well, I eventually has-been high school, leaving near no qualifications or decent employment options.

When my daughter have trouble with reading & writing, I was concerned, and pushed to get some answers, I did not know anything just about dyslexia, or its impact, I was diagnosed as dyslexic the same time as my daughter, which explained my poor schooling.

I learnt as much as possible in the order of dyslexia, and how it impacted on our learning, and then developed some strategies to help my daughter through arts school.

I later used the same strategies to return to school as an developed, I am now a qualified Youth & Disability support worker and sessional teacher, with a special interest contained by learning disorders, especially dyslexia.

Its not easy and in reality its blinking hard work at times, but with persistence and profusely of hard work YOU can do it too!

If you would like some tips on how to study and have the teacher and tutor to support you better, please email me and I will send you some information. Source(s): Dyslexic Youth & Disability support worker and sessional teacher with a special interest within learning disorders, especially dyslexia.
Sounds like the tutor & your parents do not know much about dyslexia. If my child was dyslexic I would want to generate sure they were given the best supports, to ensure they have a good coaching.

As Georgie said prove them wrong!

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