A specail ed put somebody through the mill?

i am in Special ed and i am tried of people saying im stupid i own problems in math and science, i have Straight A's and I am on the honor roll, I just standard in to the university of California, did you kids go through this where culture though you were stupid. when i saw my cousin question i did.
You question is extremely obnoxious and in this day and age I would think that society would have more common sense when it comes to students in special ed. For one, in that needs to be a documented disability to qualify for services. The disability needs to impact their education surrounded by some way. Getting special education services may have be easy years ago but it is not now. The federal government requires documentation of the disability and why and/or how that disability impact a child's education. I believe the people that you are referring as lazy are probably those students how hold a learning disability. Many teachers feel that the students may be workshy when in fact their disability is hindering their capability to understand directions, how to proceed with their work, and/or how to complete their work. Some of these students may be lazy, but it is much more promising that they do not understand their work and the teachers refuse to spend the time the student wants to gain an understanding. Source(s): B.S in early childhood tuition
A good number of students who are placed in special education classes do tend to be languorous. It is sad to see this, but for many students it goes profusely deeper. Some students not only have trouble focusing, but they also have social and erudition disabilities.
Nobody who is in special education classes is stupid --- and not everyone is in those classes for equal reason. Source(s): I am currently in school to become a trainer (Special Ed major)

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