How can knowing your personal research style and that of your students’ relieve you be a more potent tutor?

I feel that knowing your personal learning style is a good things because after adjectives you may have something in conman with one of the children and are competent to help them out in how they should study. how does this sound for answering the cross-examine i need to have 200 words
There is a very similar ask already posted

Here was my responds to that post:

As someone who has their M.S. in special eduction and a B.A. surrounded by Elm. Eduction..... this sounds a lot like a freshman year paper that you hold to write within the first few weeks of college.

Just remember back to when you were within school and a teacher knew how you cultured.... reverse it for the paper.

A teacher must never forget what it feels similar to to be a student.

P.S. If you are going to use that last line in the daily you better cite me.

As for what you have already written it is a good start but remember as a teacher you are going to own 30 students in your classroom. If you have a similar learning style next to one, that is going to be slightly helpful, but not very. Think more abstractly.

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