I inevitability an adaptive adjustable echelon positioning bench?

I am trying to find a seat that can be low to the ground all the way up to 30 inches sour the ground.

It has to have good positioning though, rear legs, full sides, sturdy, wide footrest, or footrest with full back up to the form.

Where can I find one?

Thank you very much.
i doubt it--never heard of any that go to teh ground--they do hold adjustable height---chairs


go to
go to order online tab....afterwards click browse...then click positions please. there should be plenty of items there that may suit your requests

Or try

I also ran across a site
but I have never ordered from them Source(s): I am a teacher of students near varying disabilities...most of whom have significant physical impairments
It sounds as if you might be describing an item called an
Adjustable Play Chair available from Abilitations. The website link is below.

They are low to the ground and are greatly stable. There is also an available tray for the chairs which come in very handy. Unfortunately, they are pretty expensive. Source(s): https://www.schoolspecialtyonline.net/in…

30+ years as a special education tutor and supervisor

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