Step by step progress Psychiatrist?

i am a senior and im planning to major in psychologist but they told me that psychiatrist is better, which is better and i need a step by step
processger and an extra question is it hard to get a commission in anyone of these!?

please help
A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in mental condition. So, you have to go to medical school, be well-mannered at chemistry, biology, etc.

As far as a psychologist goes, there are a number of different types of psychologists. There are counseling psychologists who tend to work near people who have every day existence problems like family issues, divorce, job loss, relatives deaths, etc. Then there are clinical psychologists who work with nation who have mental disorders. Both of these types of psychologist do one-on-one or group therapy with their clients. They are what is referred to as "applied psychologists" because they concord directly with people. There are other types of "applied psychologists" such as school psychologists (who do several things such as conduct psycho-educational evaluations of students to determine eligibility for special education, provide individual counseling for students, consult with teachers and administrator about effective educational practices, consult beside parents regarding child's academic performance), industrial/organizational psychologists (who work for corporations and conduct interviews, surveys, etc., to help develop simplified workplaces), and health psychologists who often work in athletic settings.

So, applied psychologists work directly next to people to help them solve various problems. On the other paw, there are "research psychologists" who are more focused on conducting studies in order to make out human behavior. Reseach psychologists are very often college professors who study a number of topics. Some of these topics include social psychology (the psychology of groups and how they interact), developmental psychology (how humans develop from birth, to childhood, to middle age, to old age), biopsychology (the study of the brain and how it impacts behavior), and many, frequent others.

As far as pay goes, obviously, ancestors with a doctoral level degree will get more than someone with a masters degree or a bachelors degree. Basically, someone near just a bachelor's degree in psychology can't do much, and doesn't generate a lot of money. With a master's degree, you can make a bit more money, but still not that great. A human being with a doctoral degree in psychology will probably build somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 per year, depending on what they are doing, how long they've been doing it, and how successful they are at it.

I think when people articulate that psychiatrists make more money than psychologists, they are often comparing averages. But, the problem with that comparison is that adjectives psychiatrists are doctorate level, while not all psychologists are. So, when you compare psychiatrist salaries to doctoral even psychologist salaries, they are a little closer to even. Again, like I said, it adjectives depends on what type of psychologist. For example, an industrial/organizational psychologist will probably make a lot more than a counseling psychologist, just because they are one paid by a corporation, and are not dealing with insurance companies the way a counseling psychologist surrounded by private practice would have to. A school psychologist who works in a university district would probably make less than a school psychologist working surrounded by a hospital. It all depends.

As for what your major would be...a psychiatrist would have to core in pre-med fields. The end. You would study seriously of biology and chemistry. A psychologist is a little more open-ended. You would major in psychology, but would want to reward attention as you go to what specific area of psychology you think you would be interested surrounded by studying. Again, the options there are practially limitless.

Final thought...if you want to be a psychoanalyst, but don't want to go to med school, do not overlook school psychology as an picking. The reason that I say that is this: counseling and clinical psychology are pretty wet fields. Everyone who goes into psychology wants to be any a counseling or clinical psychologist. The job outlook for those positions is not great, and competition for good graduate programs in those areas is extraordinarily stiff. School psychology, on the other hand, is still a developing field. The job outlook is vastly good for the foreseeable future because, first there is already a shortage of college psychologists, and second, it is projected that a large proportion of school psychologists will be retiring over the next 10-15 years. Anyway, hang on to it in mind. I'm pretty sure that school psychologists generally take home more than counseling/clinical psychologists too...
There's a difference. Psychologists are not doctors from medical viewpoint and can't prescribe you pills, perform a brain surgery or give you an electroshock. If they estimate you should take pills, they should send you to a psychiatrist. Psychiatrist is a doctor from medical viewpoint and can tender you pills, electroshock or brain surgery which are the only methods psychiatry uses. Brain surgeries like prefrontal lobotomy found its place in horror movies where on earth it belongs and is disappearing from psychiatry. Electroshocks are still being given to the people despite no results and serious damage cause to the patients. Modern psychiatry focuses on drugs. Psychiatrists prescribed LSD and ecstasy as medicine in times past and their modern drugs are said to be even more dangerous. Some psychiatrists however may be using alternative methods or psychology but that is not psychiatry. Psychiatry has be using 1) brain surgeries 2) shocks (not only electroshocks but also insulin shocks) 3) drugs. Psychology was always more roughly talking to you, listening to you and explaining things for you and giving you advices what you should do. However, psychology is indeed a mixture of different theories written by different authors - there is really no ONE psychology. Psychologists and Psychiatrists didn’t resembling each other in the beginning due to completely different approach which is more than apparent but as time passed they learnt to get along somehow.
I wouldn’t play with psychiatry at adjectives - see the vids below.


A must see new document - story told by psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals - it CAN save your life span
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