Accommodations for students w/learning disabilities: gift to use follow-up during an exam?

The office of disability services at my school said there enjoy been some instances, though unusual, where students with research disabilities were granted with the accommodation of mortal able to use NOTES during an EXAM.

I'm going to go into their office to request that housing for myself......

My diagnosis is pervasive developmental disorder......

I'm going to tell them that this accommodation will be needed to help me promise with my difficulty with reading comprehension and memorization.

So I have problems beside:
-reading comprehension
Is there anything else I should add to that argument?
I'd focus more on the memorization than the reading comp, as you will still need to read your interview and your notes.

Its difficult to say from your post, because the DSM-IV-TR doesn't specify PDD as a specific disorder, but a group of disorders including autism, rett's disorder, childhood dis-integrative disorder, and Asperger's. There is also a PDD not otherwise specified diagnosis, which goes for atypical presentations or sub threshold symptomology. If you can provide more information I could try again. Good luck! Source(s): worked surrounded by disability services at a university.

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