Any thinking for a special rearing tshirt?

Many teachers at the school I work at have specially designed shirts that have the grade that teach on it. For example, 2nd grade teacher had shirts made that says "2nd grade" on them. Well us on the special ed team want shirts too, however, we can not own anything that says "special ed" on them. I guess its so we don't single out our kids even though everyone knows we are special ed teachers. So I would similar to any suggestions for special ed shirt ideas that could "hint" to special ed without actually aphorism it.

It hints toward special education resources without actually dictum it and since this is elementary school most students won't clue in to what the term "Resourceful" certainly means.
It's a shame, because you could have done something nice with "special." Even only just saying "special ed" seems nicer than most of the alternatives. Here are some ideas:

Basics or Basic Ed
Tributary to the Mainstream (assuming mainstreaming is the hope for your kids)
Resource Educators

I know none of these are exciting, but you might be able ro refine one of them into something catchy and positive.

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