How do I buy and sell near an annoying autistic kid?

There's a new kid at my school and he's autistic. I have to be his minder and look after him, show him around, etc. We're both 16. But he's soooooo unexpected. He'll say inappropriate things at bad moments and sometimes he enjoy standing on tables. Then when we try to get him down, he'll scream and try to see our faces because he doesn't like to be touched.

He's really started to **** me off, because I'm trying to be nice but the channel he acts is unbearable. I'd like to suggest that a swift kick in the balls will cure him, but I know it won't do anything beyond instant gratification.

How do I concord with him?!?
well i had a same problem next to u i can talk Arabic and i had to translate every single thing to a boy and the worst point was that he treated me as his mentor he kept going every where with me and if i forget a book i progress to my locker he just comes with me it was so annoying but i have to deal with it but i didn't i just did what i have to do then got away from him but in your covering i would say u should look at his good thing and later make him like u then he will see that u r his friend later he will do what u say that is my point of view
Grow up. He has a problem i.e. not his fault.
If you are feeling that stressed out about it, verbalize to a counselor or dean or teacher or someone and request that someone else takes over. Trust me, that boy's parents do not one someone who hates their son "helping" him. Autism is a disorder that strikes plentiful, and you may someday have a child with autism. Would you want someone to kick your son contained by the balls because of a disorder that he can't help? You may not understand it immediately and hopefully karma doesn't come around and kick you in the balls someday. Grow up and if you get the impression that much anger than don't work with him. Maybe you should read some books about autism and learn the facts... here are tons out there. Source(s): mother to a son with autism and sensory processing disorder
You have need of to first educate yourself on his disability before you complain. He suffers from a disability that he will never be able to transfer. I would assume that you were assigned to be his "minder" because an authoritative figure in your institution trusted that you were mature and responsible enough to sustain him out --- but based on your question, this is not a task that you should enjoy been assigned. I can understand being frustrated because charitable for someone with autism is not an easy thing to do, especially if you own no prior experience. Before you came online to complain about a boy who has a disorder that he cannot abet and announce that he needs a swift kick in the ball, you should have taken it upon yourself to speak with someone in your academy and let them know how you feel in a more thought out and grown way.
My advice is to learn how to traffic with yourself before you question how you should concord with others. Source(s): I am a Special Ed. major.

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