A ask roughly speaking children and special desires rearing surrounded by minor conservatory?

my son is in his last year of primary school, he have a statement where he gets over 20 hours of one to one support, the school have been fantastic and they give him even more support including 2 hours per week one to one with his professor. my son is due to change to secondary school subsequent year and so i decided to make appointments to go and look around the local common school and a couple of other special schools. today i went to the widely held school and was shocked to find they wont be offering anywhere near like peas in a pod support as hes had in primary, he will be expected to find his way round a massive college which quite frankly is a joke with a child who have very poor memory.he will be taken out for group sessions sometimes to a special education class room ,when i asked to see the classroom it was a uniform room with no one in. she told me the prevalent focus will be to teach him english and maths, i was taken to the maths block and to be honest i couldnt see an awful lot of work going on just lots of chatter surrounded by all 3 classrooms.whats the point of having a statement if secondary academy dont follow what it says he needs. ive had a big hold up near the authorites who have to recomend a school on his new statement they enjoy been at a loss what to do with him as he does not fit in to move about to alot of special schools as he has no social problems. finally they have found me a fantastic little institution but its obvious its going to be very hard to find in. has any other parents come across these problems and what did you do?
It sounds resembling your son is close to the mainstream, functionally. Apparently his memory problems don't prevent him from learning in a regular classroom, as long as he have some extra assistance? Why not get his teacher's opinion about this? Ask him/her how s/he think your son will manage at the secondary school and whether s/he have any advice or recommendations.

If you anticipate that your son will have a knotty time learning his way around, you may want to request his class schedule surrounded by advance and arrange for some visits where he (and you or someone from the school) can totter the routes to learn the way. If he has map-reading skills, mark and numbering his classrooms on a floorplan map may help him until he's familiar with the layout.

Ask to collect with his teachers in mortgage to make them aware of his special needs. Get each one to communicate you what they will do to help him succeed in their class.

Either he will be okay or it will become obvious that the common secondary school isn't right for your son. It would be nice if he could avoid having to fall short there before they place him somewhere better, but if there's a chance that he could govern there, it would be better to just arrange for some extra help from the college staff so he gets the best education possible.

Meanwhile, since the special school sounds severely good, start the process of applying to get him in.
His statement is a legal document and any institution he moves on to are legally bound to provide what the statement contains.
It sounds as if his needs would be best met in a smaller setting where on earth the class numbers are lower with a higher staff to pupil ratio.
20 hours of 1-1 support gives him four hours per morning. I would suggest that the amended statement should give him at least another five hours per week, at least for the first residence, to give him a chance to become familiar next to the environment and the new routines.
I hope this all works out for you both. Source(s): Portage practitioner and parent of son with autism.
Keep trying to get into that fantastic little arts school you've heard about. I think that's best. The other conservatory may be able to get his an aide to take him to his classes if he have trouble remembering a schedule, but it doesn't sound like they want to be massively helpful. Good luck to you and your son. Take care! :)
Many minor schools deliver support differently to primary schools & one of the reasons they don't provide a tutoring assistant in the class with the child is because they don't want to single them out. The SENCO should have explained to you why they deliver support differently a bit then just showing you the classroom & telling you what they planned to do. Do they hold any programmes to help the child settle into the school? Peer mentoring? Friendship groups?

With secondary verbs (I'm assuming your child is going into secondary school in September 2010) the Authority are grateful to issue a Statement by 15 February 2010 naming the school - this is laid down in the SEN Code of Practice & they must do, which means you hold a gap between February & July to thrash it out with them.

This school that they've found, is it state maintain? Is it in your Authority area? Or is it independent? With a state maintained academy, the Authority can name over numbers, it can more tricky if the school is in another Authority nouns.

Find out what your Authority's policy is on secondary transfer - when your child has a Statement, you don't call for to limit yourself to the schools in your catchment nouns, you don't need to just look at the mainstream subsidiary schools nearest to you - if there is another mainstream lower school which has a fairly fitting reputation & you think it would be good for child you can tell the local Authority you want them to apply to that academy. Check what their transport policy is though - local Authorities do expect parents to take into consideration how they will get their child to school when they manufacture their choice.

The thing you need to bear contained by mind is the Statement is a legal document, schools are obliged to abide by it's provisions & more importantly used correctly it is a great tool to bludgeon the Authority into giving you want you necessitate for your child.

If the Authority can't or won't name the school of your choice and/or you aren't happy beside the school they've named, once you have your Final (Final Amended) Statement after you can appeal to SENDIST.

To get help & support for yourself, speak to the Parent Partnership in your nouns

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