What type of learning job can i bring back beside a CBEST & CSET? i am interested contained by Special Education.?

Answers:    You can get become a substitute teacher. The CSET will allow you to acquire into a credential program for Special Education.

There is a vast shortage of special education teacher, so there are a lot of positions available!

If you work as a substitute, you can articulate you prefer to work in special education classes if at hand is a choice. Many special ed. classes have no credentialed teacher available who will adopt the job.

As a long-term substitute, you can enroll in a special ed. credential program and may be capable of find-long term special ed. assignments each year until you finish your credential. Some college districts also pay your tuition as a district intern.
You can get a Special Ed scope.
You can get one to teach single subject or multiple subject.
What plane of teaching do you want to do? High school or elementry?

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