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Question:I heard that if you take the ACT multiple times you can take your highest subject scores and average them together. So lets say you score a 30 on math the first time and a 29 the 2nd time and 28 on english the 1st time and 30 the second time. Are you able to take the math score of 30 and the english score of 30 to use towards your composite score, even though they are from different tests?

Usually, no. Most schools only accept your highest composite score. However, some school do create a composite score based on your highest subscores from multiple tests. The only school I've ever seen this done is Troy University in Alabama. However, if its done there, I'm sure there a few others out there with this policy. Just ask at the schools you will be applying to.
No. Your highest test score is the one taken by the schools you send them to. There is a system some schools use called the super score which allows you to take your best scores from each section on multiple tests, but that depends on the school.
No, you cannot do that. However, if you take the ACT multiple times, you can choose which test results to send (ex: score with comp. 32, 30, 18, would obviously want to send the test on which you got a comp. score of 32). You can send all of your test scores and they will only pay attention to your highest scores.

Hope this helps! ;-)

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