About ACT??!?!?

Question:Ok I've used priceton + mcgraw to practice ACT..

I was happy my composite was around 32 with those books.

Then when I used the "The REAL ACT PREP" book...I was getting below 27.....wat the heck??

Is the REAL ACT test hard as its prep book???

T_T help me out

real act gave me accurate scores. haven't done any princeton ones though. sry if that worries you but don't freak out, especially if you are taking it 2maro like me.
the real ACT prep book is made up of real past ACT's, so yes the real one will be the same level of difficulty. But i wouldn't let that bother you. first off, you can take the ACT as many times as you want with no penalty. Also, your score depends on the situation where you are testing, so you were probably more stressed out/taking the tetst under bad conditions on the ACT prep book. I used the princeton review to practice, and my scores were about equivalent to the real thing (i was actually a few points above on the real one). With the adrenaline flow tomorrow you should score at least a 30. Good luck tomorrow. i'm sure you'll do well.

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